Friday, 29 June 2012


Been ages it seems since something happened on the Local Patch (remember the patch?) with the good old weather in turmoil we were hoping something might pay us a visit. With the UK's best bird for a while just down the road at New Brighton (yes the little feckers still there) most patchers except for the obvious have gone and whapped it on their Cheshire lists and why not.
The Great crests on the mere have been trying for ages to nest but constant battering by wind, waves and rain has prevented them from even building a nesting platform. Now with a lull (fingers crossed) they've gone for it big style with six pairs all nesting in Coward Reed bed Bay...

The mere has also played host to a wee flock of 5 Common Terns, now if Cawos FOAM
could sort out that platform that's gathering weeds below Bittern Hide we could have another patch breeder.


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