Friday, 20 July 2012


Seeing as Groucho just can't get enough of my bug blog here's some more photos of some new additions to my ever growing Butterfly and Dragonfly lists...

A duo of White Admirals found on a rare foray down south to Kent, they even made it on to YouTube.

What a beautiful sight a White Admiral feasting on a tasty dog turd...nice!!

Nearby in the same wood a very blue Azure Damselfy (not a newey but nice to id all the same)

Just North of Kent up in bimbo land  Essex a male Ruddy Darter skulked in the grass, bit of a naff piccy but I'm trying (some say very). And with a bit of help from the UK butterflies website plus the local Essex branch I managed to track down a couple of South-East megas (butterflies that is)..

 Heath Fritillary

The Essex boy himself...Essex Skipper...oh bugger its actually a Large Skipper..whoops!!

Changing the scene a little and travelling up over the Jock border a brief foray up Glen Nevis, yes that far up North whilst waiting for the start of the 3 Peaks Race I found a Common Lizard basking by the roadside.

more to come hopefully so stay tuned readers...surely we'll get some hot balmy sunny days for sure..??


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Hi, your Essex Skipper is sadly just a Large. Small and Essex never show chequered like pattern on the upper or under wings.

Podster said...

Oh bugger. I was so focussed on the antenna I forgot about the other bits.
Cheers Andrew I bow to your superior knowledge.