Tuesday, 24 July 2012


With 'Terns' of all sorts being seen on the Patch it was surely only a matter of time before someone located a nesting pair or two. With Sandwich Tern bagged by the Insomniacs (some with radar I think!!!) and flocks of Common Terns with youngsters in tow all eyes have gone on 'Commic' watch. A mega rare breeding bird for Cheshire, Sandbach holding the only pair this year...apparently?
Cruising past the well cared for Marston Pools I happened to notice a white blob sat on one of the two artificially rafts on the West Pool. Low and behold its a Common Tern (female, red bill with black tip) sat on what looked like a nest whilst another Common Tern circled (male, full red bill).
 Out came the camera...(this is probably a protected species at the nest but not a schedule 1 jobby) and from a public road here's some record shots...

lets hope their successful and for once well done Maggot Danglers!

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