Saturday, 25 August 2012


At long last the family (wife + pooch) and I have managed to get away to that wonderful part of the UK namely the North Norfolk coast. Once the best kept secret now plagued by rich southerners buying up all the property for use once a year holiday homes. Even the pubs have suffered with our favourite The Pale Bovine Liquor  Dispensary (The Dun Cow) at Salthouse gutted, repainted and tarted up for the hordes. Cheapest meal now well over a tenner...ahhh! The chippy(s) at Wells were doing a roaring trade, I wonder why?
On arriving at our campsite at Stukey my not happened for ages gout decided this was the day to flare up and I spent the rest of the week sun bathing hence nowt was added to the year list...bugger!
One brief trip out to Ticwell to meet up with Lou Cross and family was the best I could muster. Also met up with  one of my other old school (birding that is) pals Pete (Mr Bird guide done well for himself what!) Morris who was also at Ticwell with family in tow.

Goose fest at Ticwell

4 Ruff and a Knot

dude Buff-breast

The Cross's and The Antrobus's

As luck had it I actually managed a butterfly tick whilst not actually butterflying with that most mysterious thing called Wall or to give it its old name Hedge Brown.

and nearby a stunning Red Admiral

this little fellow though was not a welcome find, I think its a Wood Mouse

back to work tomorrow...roll on October!

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