Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Baked Bean blows away the Fat Spanish Waiter...

Another season and another SIX points from the Mickey Mousers,don't you just love it.What a welcome home,pity I had to listen to most of it on the radio while coming back from Gatwick.If Alan (biased not 'arf) Green from Radio5 reads this then you're a twerp Alan,just like 'thatch' from the Beeb.

Back to patching and it seems no ones broken the 100 barrier so of course I must oblige.

Sunday 24th and theres Sand Martin and Swallow over Budworth Mere.Later on Statto (again) finds another goodie in the shape of a Barn Owl by Neumann's,top bloke.Bankholiday Monday and Chiffy is whapped by the Mere and Tree Sparrow scoped behind the pumping stn,earlier found by BT Dave and Co (the elastic boundary does have its rewards eh chaps!)

A quick nip down Moss Side and Chiffy and Treecreeper are on but theres no sign of the reported Mandarins...bummer!

Marbury CP YL 101

Moss Side YL 89

World List 2807

Caribbean List 229

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