Sunday, 8 June 2008


Looks like my Kraut namesake has just polaxed the poles with a fine double in Euro 2008.Told you the glorius REDS should've bought him (theres still time but if he keeps scoring the price will be rather large what!).Actually with a name like that he should probably join Chelski...they need all the help they can get next season.

Birdy wise its been a sad weekend....its finally come to pass that the reveered 'A'team has thrown in the towel.Gregs is duding it up in Norfolk,Freds breeding and decorating,Fubs had enough after the fat Snipe incident and yours truly is bereft of twitching funds (Spain in 2 weeks).While 'Chequebook' birders are gripping us off with another bloody UnFair Isle blocker in the shape of a ticks most boxes Citril Finch aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

On the patch juniors doing well but he's a little bugger to photograph so heres another Daddy shot........

and heres some other birds........Podolski fans no doubt!

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