Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Received a late night text from Mr Mull that a QUAIL! noless was calling at Upper Moss Side.Blitzed it down there and within 5 minutes of parking up I'd heard the little gem.Whap a Moss Side Lifer.
Did my world famous 'wet me lips' whistle and bugger me if the little sod didn't launch itself out of the meadow and fly straight towards me and land 10yds away....well it did.Double whap...heard and seen.
Yellowhammer also calling nearby plus House Martin added to the yearlist.
Another gripper on Marbury!

At Neumann's today missed 2 bloody RSVP Exocets by minutes (flushed by Junior's parents noless) 3rd dip this year...bummer!

Moss Side YL 106

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