Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Pod,Groucho and Woolly don the (Spanish) Inquisition gear and head off to two-headed land.Stuck somewhere between the ornithological havens of Norfolk and Yorkshire is a place flatter than a witches t*t.....Lincolnshire.In this depressing place lurks groups of 'Scopac' clad ageing Birdspotters who delight in claiming anything rare be it real or otherwise!

Our intrepid trio of knowledgeable gull enthusiasts reach a favoured location and there on the beach a group of thirty+ dudes are ticking an Audacious Gull.Spurred on by one hearty chap whos' got the only telescope you can see the bird through???? (cos his wife said so),the gathered throng of 'stringers' (otherwise known as blind liers) add the gull to their ever expanding Lincolnshire lists.

Luckily the SI squad id said gull correctly its an f'in Herring Gull noless.........! Time to make a hasty retreat.
A clandestine unit of the SI took this photo of a Lincolnshire 'Scopac' adding Audacious Gull to his list (approx 564) frightning what!

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