Friday, 22 August 2008


Yes well it had to be said.A few bevvies on a Thursday night always helps to lubricate the postings,hope I didn't upset Mr Longley (see Audacious Gull thread).I do though hope I upset everybody in Lincolnshire (home of the two-headed 'Scopac' clad Dude)...feckerssssssss!!!!!!!
Would love to have ago at our local patch ginger tash wearing invisible no use to anyone so called Ranger sp. but I might as well talk to the Newts (which are substantially better looking by the way) we'll never get the place sorted till it fecks off....bugger!!

Patch list still stuck on 143 not moved now for over 4 weeks and Insomniacs due back soon.Le Donis has managed two weeks in Portugal and not missed owt...theres no justice at all cest la vie.

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