Sunday, 10 August 2008


Yes Big Phillis thats what silverware looks like.Van the Man does the business again saving yet more penalties mmm sounds familiar what.Looks like you've already impressed the Ruski chairmen with some choice headlines.

I would have thought with the likes of Dogbreath,Dicko and B*llacks you could enter a team in the Chinky Olympics...syncronised diving probably the only medals you'll be getting this year Phillis.


On the birdy front the patch has been Keiran Dyer all week,not a hint of a new wader or duck.Yearlist still stuck on 143 as it has been for several weeks now.What price no new birds till Insomniac returns,bloody typical! if you ask me.Theres no justice only Greg the Hartford Pensioner and I seem to be birding the place...whats happened to Groucho,Mr T and Hill Billy.Weathers been great for a windswept waif as well.

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