Sunday, 3 August 2008


Another first for the patch this year Pod on his chopper.Yes it had tobe done,whilst rumaging in the shed for some sort of gardening implement I was constanly moving my chopper around so I thought why not get on and give it a go...wayhay!! A circuit of Mere,Big Wood,No.1,Ashtons and Neumann's took roughly 1.5hrs.
Bugger all except for No.1
  • 2 Redshank
  • 1 Greenshank
  • 1 Common Sandpiper
  • 2 Green Sandpiper
  • 1 Common Snipe

The wifey took Insomniac to the Airport for his 4 week tour of some Aussie island...excellent! bring on the blockers he he!

Two weeks togo before the Footy season starts again looks like another double for last seasons all conquering REDS what!

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