Saturday, 4 October 2008


Apologises readers for the dearth of postings of late but life is sometimes more important than bird blogging...


Saturday 20th of Sept and Wifey and I are boarding a plane to Mallorca for a five day jolly while the rest of the birding fraternity are heading north to Ronald McDonald Isle. Even several 'B' teamers managed to dust off the old cheque book and head north. Mmmmmm return flight to Mallorca (x2), 5 nights 1/2 board (x2) in 4*hotel, 5 days car hire, vast amounts of ale and a day out to the Caves of Drac!.....cheaper than twitching an escaped gaudy Turkish sparrow me thinks.

Not to be out done by events back home I concentrated my bird finding efforts on the S'Albufeira reserve just 100mts from our hotel and came up trumps finding a juv PEC SAND on Tuesday 23rd. Balearic Warbler was a world tick over in the Bocquer Valley plus other delights such as Marbled Duck, 5 Black Vultures (awesome), Booted Eagle, Pratincole sp. 3 Eleonora's, bloody Audacious Gull and Balearic Woodchat. 90 species in total. Must come back in April when the place is bouncing with Spring migrants ...lovely!

Truly the shittiest piccy i've ever taken but they were two miles away. Now the splitters can do the business...West and East?...Balearic?....

Behind moi the awesome Formentera Peninsula with an underpant filling drive to the lighthouse...take your camera (and some bog roll).Theres actually a pair of Eleonora's just out of shot to the left and a road tunnel through the mountain to my right..honest!

WesternPal List 665 (Netfugl).

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