Thursday, 23 October 2008


Well I just can't let an opportunity like this go past can I.
Looks like all those involved will have to start bird spotting again, rip up their obviously dodgy lists and re join the YOC. 32 days to properly ID a bird even though many had conclusive piccies most of which though surfaced after the event...strange what!! and how come all the piccies on dudebirds have been renamed (all the gear and no idea).
Tell you what though the next September 'Red foot' is gonna get one big crowd as long as its not in Yooorrrksshirre!! hopefully.
As Legend Mr J Mac said people should get them field guides out and start learning the art again. Ooww it must be hurting some a 1st for UK on your doorstep for a month and showing well, how many drove passed it from Spurn twitches I know I did...aarrrggghhhhh!!!
Take comfort in the words of Ellesmere Ports finest (Big Al) ''they'll always be another'', top bloke. The Yorkshire prayer mats will take a hammering next August, fingers crossed what.

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