Thursday, 23 October 2008


One of the many Barnacle Geese I saw this Wed 22nd Oct at or near to Caerlaverock WWT up in bonny Jockland. Went up especially to see the showy Cackling Canada (minima race) but unfortunately it must of been hiding in its pen! It did show later on about 4pm ish but news only came out on the pager at 9.30pm..what f'in use is that. Early on I'd seen the returning Taverner's Canada hiding in a flock of 4000+ Barnies till they were flushed by a passing helicopter...awesome sight and a nice chopper too. In exactly the same field as 2005 or was that the Richardson's variety, bloody confusing all these splits/lookalikes.

View from the Avenue hide note the lack of geese, birds, sheep! nice vista though.

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