Monday, 24 November 2008


Our Aussie Swans are back on the patch and look well at home on the flooded potato field up at Higher Marston by the A559. Black Swans are on the Dutch list as category C introduced species now with a self sustaining population. They bred on No.1/Haydn Pool last year but the vicious male Mute there probably drowned the cygnets, so fingers crossed this year and it could be the start of another British cat C upgrade.

On Budworth Mere the female Goosander is still present and is seen here roosting on the far bank near Kidbrook spit (hence the distant digi record shot). Its quite probably the bird from last winter. Also present 8 Tuftys, 10 Eurasian Wigeon and 33 Great Cormarent (go on lads eat those maggot danglers babies).

Nice to see the real fishermen of the patch in force, the other regulars Great Crested Grebe numbered 20, Little Grebe 2 and Kingfisher 1.

Oh! for a boat and a paint brush I could really send those Danglers/Rangers/Sailors a message...
Marbury Country Park Patch Yearlist still stuck on 144

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