Friday, 28 November 2008


Ronaldo and his Diver see off Bad Bouy Benitez on West Kirby Marine Lake earlier today. No more fishing for small bouys (Torres) in the showers after matches or dropping the soap eh! eh! eh!
Other News
Looks like the opposition have called it a day. Good old Mr Skills-Bills aka Tom McKinney appears to have thrown in the towel god bless him. The only guy to actually have a birding fan base and I bet he had groupies on the side after every twitch (bas***d). That leaves a huge chasm to fill someone who swears like a trooper, always talking about bodily fluids, farting and AC/DC (the greatest rock band ever) mmmmmm! ring any bells.
In the garden of No.2 Chapel House a totally awesome tick in the shape of a Common (Ring-necked) Pheasant phasianus colchicus interestingly the nearest wild population is just east of the Black Sea home to several of this Autumns megas (Amur Falcon) maybe I should have phoned in the news to RBA. I could then sit back and watch endless dudes, birders, twitchers and spotters queue down Warrington Road waiting for their turn in the garden of course I'd have to charge an entrance fee (£10 anyone from the West Midlands bloody permit holders) all in the name of charity NOT! more like Pods beer fund yeh! A bird that should be feeding on the steep grassy slopes of the Himalayas is under a bush in my front garden is'nt nature fabulous.

Friday saw Malc and I make a delayed sojourn over to the wizzal and grip the long staying Great Northern Diver on West Kirby Marine Lake. Typically two old local bindippers insisted there was three divers yesterday (always have to go one better do'nt they), I being a good citizen put them right ''obviously Cormarents my good man, now do a Father Ted and feck off '' and gladly they obliged bloody stringers.
With one Cheshire yeartick under our belts we made our way to IMF via Parkgate, nowt much doing and no sign of yesterdays Bewick Swans (stringing old gits again?). Down at Denhall though it was an owl fest with 8+ Shorties in the air and the local Peregrine showing well.
Cheshire YL 194

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