Saturday, 20 December 2008


After nearly a year of asking the Neumann's Ranger has finally cut the reeds infront of Scrapyard Hide (formerly known as Fred's Hide but hes moved) and immeadiately the local Snipe have moved in, theres 9 in view now honest (we could have a spot the Snipe competition). We shall see what winter brings.....Bittern!!.....Water Rail!! Out on the flooded flash a lone Pintail in amongst the 100s of Teal but not much else. The patch yearlist still stuck on 144 and it will probably stay there till January when it all starts again..........Yippeeeee!!! just don't tell Insomniac.
Over on the Wizzal fellow blogger Wolly Wollen has to his credit found a Dics Pipit and nearby theres a small flock of Twite (a difficult Cheshire bird at the best of times) can I be arsed to travel over (80 mile round trip and I'm still not working). I'm currently on 194 my highest Cheshire yearlist ever I think thus six more required for 200...six more mmmmm? maybe.

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