Monday, 15 December 2008


Lead by a South African muppet England the country that invented the bloody game in the first place come second best again to a third world pub team. It was really worth going back wasn't it Kevin. Completing the 4th highest 2nd innings run chase ever India showed what battings all about...W G will be turning in his grave, come home now and save yourself any further embarrassment Muppet(s).
Footy wise its honors even again as all the big boys and Evertons neighbours secure one point apiece from draws. The 'richest club in the world' yet again fail to deliver going down 0-1 at home to the Toffees.....cheque book time Mr Hughes.

UNITEDS future new boy does the business again for Barca as they trounce Real in Spains big match of the weekend.
Ornithologicaly theres nowt to write home about cos the wifes got me decorating and the pagers gone quiet so ttfn.

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