Sunday, 28 December 2008


Well I said ''bring it on'' but unfortunately the birds didn't perform and I also discovered my memories a load of shite (again).

Up early defrost the jalopy and off onto the Wizzal for a potential dyson tour...whats that saying ''greater plans of mice and men'' ...bugger no sign of Dic's Pip at Parkgate (even though it was claimed later on...stringers!!!), bang goes a Cheshire lifer. Next stop Red Rocks old crockles home and after a wee wait located the female Black Redstart sunning itself in a small bare tree in the garden. The last one of these I saw in Cheshire was 24 years ago at unbelievably Moss Side of all places (03/04/1984) at the old pumping station.

Then went to Neston where supposedly the Dic's Pip had been photographed was a Mipit (from Mr Wolley). Did see plenty of birds on the incoming tide best being a 'pair' of Hen Harriers and tons of waders. A walk out on the salt marsh at Neston in search of the elusive Water/Rock/Scandinavian Pipit was also a dead loss, the stream you follow out was full of 'shit' literally, someone should tell the EA.
Thence on to IMF (i must be f'in stupid) to spend 30 mins looking for and locating the resident GW Teal which due to my decaying memory I'd forgotten that I ticked one at Sandbach way back in March...doh!
The Cheshire yearlist now well and truly struggling to reach the dizzy heights of the 200Club with 1 from a potential 5 (well 4 really) it wasn't looking good. Desperation saw me return home via Eccleston near Chester (Hawfinch!!! and Marsh Tit) and Mark Powells 'local' patch Cholmondeley Castle (Marsh Tit) not seeing owt new. Never mind theres always next year.......

Cheshire Yearlist 196


Phil Woollen. said...

Still two days left matey. All the Wirral Wizzards are out looking!

Dicks Pip possibly seen y'day but not calling on golf course. Shwoed for a couple of minutes in tree on golf course. Two reliable observors. Roger Wilkinson also possibly heard it call once on salt marsh.

Pete Antrobus said...

Cheers Phil only trouble is being out of work I can't really be dashing back and to from the Wizzal.200 looks gone unfortunately.