Saturday, 27 December 2008



Another year on its wayout and pencils at the ready cos another ones about to start...oh joy!!...time to prime those yearlists for Patch, County and Country. But hold on chaps this ones still got some legs on it, I'm on 195 for Cheshire a personnel world record and theres ticks tobe had:-
  1. Dic's Pip at Parkgate
  2. Water Pip at Neston/Parkgate
  3. Black Redstart at Red Rocks
  4. GW Teal still at IMF
  5. Ring-billed Gull at Gowy Landfill Site

Having already scored with the Thurstaston Twite all 13 of'em on the 24th then another 5 will bring up 200 if (and its a big if) I clean on chaps...well theres bugger all else todo. Marbury patch is a wasteland of dudes, maggot danglers and bloody joggers plus several hundred trees less with not a berry bush/tree in sight so no chance of any Waxwings. Good old Moss Side still plods on with Bittern showing well and plenty of 'white' gulls for the larus enthusiasts but nowt much else yearlist wise. Sound a bit like grumpy old Mr Scrooge what ? hoh hoh!

Bring it on I say...

Cheshire Yearlist 195

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