Wednesday, 31 December 2008

GOODBYE 2008... HELLO 2009

One last visit to the patch (Marbury) before it goes dark today the 31st Dec in the hope of finding that extra one so I can claim the yearlist title two years on the trot. Nowt just ice and freezing fog (-2'c all day) the mere a block of ice.

Walked along the mereside path and up into the hide at Big Wood (or whats left of it!) the feeders were a buzz of activity with Tits, Chaffinchs (no whiteheaded one), Blackbirds, Nuthatches, Rabbits, Jackdaws and amazingly 10 Robins three of which were in the hide with me.

Showing rather make British birding more exciting I think we should rename this little chappy - Orange breasted Garden Chat that would upset the RSVP....nice!
And so thats basically it for the year unless some sado fines a calling Scops Owl just before midnight that would bugger a few new years parties what!
And thus we have a selection of lists cos thats how us birders prove our worth to one another (mines bigger than yours so your a dude nah!).
  • Marbury 2008 Yearlist - 144....Life - 184
  • Moss Side 2008 YL - 109....Life - 141
  • Cheshire 2008 YL - 196....Life - 256
  • UK 2008 YL - 230....Life - 500(+3 pending)
  • WestPal 2008 YL - 293....Life - 672
  • World 2008 YL - 348....Life - 2814

Heres some others that may be of interest or not, anyway I admit most need a little work on them but hey if only we all had 'jobs' like Insomniac.

  • Caribbean Life - 230
  • ABA - 324
  • AOU - 468
  • Asia - 1471
  • Africa - 612
  • Middle East - 344
  • North West - 306 NW Birdline region.
  • OBC - 1252
  • Scilly - 253

Cheers folks thats it for now see you all in the new year.



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