Friday, 20 February 2009


I'm not year listing honest so off to Lancashire I go (yes I do bird out of Cheshire now and again). Having read endless reports of dead easy Tundra Bean Geese all over the Fylde coast I cracked and ventured north in the hope of seeing one or two. First port of call the Lytham Parakeets that have taken up residence in the local cemetery.My usual poor digi attempt of the superbly entertaining Ring-necked Parakeets (4) watching the Lytham mourners pay their respects. Next stop a quick hop over to Marton Mere and after walking for miles finally located the showy LEOs thanks to a local dog walker who knew precisely the bush they were in.

Showing well if you use your imagination, this bird was within touching distance of the footpath. Funny though it never moved a feather once and could have been stuffed for all I know, cracking views if only we could find the patch ones so easy.

After two easy year ticks something had togo wrong and yes it was the main quarry of the day the no show Tundras. I went to and found huge flocks of Pinkfeet at Stalmine (The Heads) and Fluke Hall plus three other large flocks in between all to no avail just loads of Pinkys. The crap light and slight drizzle not helping viewing well that's my excuse anyway. I did manage to find 3 Barnacles near Stalmine not much compensation though.

UK YL - 136

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