Saturday, 21 February 2009


This individual ticks most boxes I think for Yellow legged Gull 1st winter (ish) but as per usual I'm struggling again to get to grips with these buggers, my crappy digi-ing doesn't help. The Bank was awash with Larus this Saturday morning as the tide came in. The 'small' Glaucous was still present and still looks superficially like an Iceland Gull. Crashed through the reeds between the tip track and River Mersey and flushed 2 Common Snipe and annoyingly a very probable Jack. From the edge of the river got cracking views of the gulls but the wind made image gathering hard work and the tide pushed the gulls further away. A possible 1st winter Caspo I photographed proved inconclusive due to poor piccies again even though it had several correct features (long black bill, all bright white head, obvious long grey legs, fat chest, dark eye and long primary projection) never mind its been whapped already this year...thank heavens! With the tide coming higher I moved and scored a singing Skylark on the tip on the way back.

Joined the gathered throng of official Tip watchers, dudes and Lesser Spot spotters on Lapwing Lane to listen to the local Great Spots chattering and drumming their heads off. No Lessers though. 5 Pochard on the nearby pool.

Back at home an unseasonal Moth on the front door was bizarrely catching the suns rays. Haven't a clue what flavour it is?

Moss Side YL - 90 (now 4 ahead of Marbury)

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