Tuesday, 17 March 2009


With the first Chiffy on the patch this Sunday 15th and a vast influx of Wheatears and Sand Martins countrywide, Spring has at last arrived.
The therapy I've been receiving over the past few days seems to be working and all memory of Saturday has been erased from my mind. My psychiatrist says any scars should heal come the end of the footy season when my team lift the Premiership Trophy again.

So far the only Spring migrant I've actually managed to add to the list (Marbury) is Chiffy and with Redshank and Ruddy Duck seen today Tuesday that brings up 94, same as Moss Side. A Willow Tit seen and heard several times in the Forge area by others is becoming Bogey bird no.1 but remember the old adage PPP...patience and perseverance always pays off...I hope!

Yesterday Malc and I investigated a claimed Cattle Egret at Bradley just east of Frodders. With Cheshire's crap reputation for miscellaneous bird sightings we were some what sceptical until in amongst the cows at Bradley Orchard Farm out pops one pristine CATTLE EGRET fully winged and unringed. Been there for a week, the local farmer thought it was a swan!!! no wonder they're not safe with a twelve bore.
Definitely a record shot (to sunny, white bird, it kept moving, usual excuses) this is quite probably the same one that I saw last year on the Wizzal a 3rd or 4th for Cheshire?


Phil Woollen. said...

Pod - try ringing the Samaritans help line for disaffected Utd supporters. 0845 41 41 41

Pete Antrobus said...

I thought it was 40 40 40
PREMIERSHIP.....so far!