Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Got the call from Mike M there was a CETTIS WARBLER doing the business down Moss Side at Randall's Sluices opposite Halfway House. Unfortunately or fortunately whichever I actually had a job interview to go to, bloody typical. Arrived several hours later (job in the bag maybe?) and strolled along the track by the Ship Canal basking in the sunshine. Not a peep or churr out of the Cettis but over on the River Mersey a LITTLE EGRET was feeding on the exposed mud bank. A Moss Side tick no less. Chiffys were also in song, having arrived at the weekend.
A walk around Neumann's with doggy produced three year ticks. Firstly a flyover Short-eared Owl was being mobbed by the local corvids, it later hunted over Ashtons much to the delight of Malc who'd thought it had done one (jam!!). On Neumanns 21 Blackwits probably from Sandbach or Frodders appeared with the Curlew crew. 3 Sand Martin flew over towards the mere later on. Things now picking up (like the weather) as we move nearer to the exciting and all decisive month of April when the flood gates open. Bring it on.....


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