Friday, 6 March 2009


Just before the all conquering REDS set foot at St.James Park for yet another three premiership points the pager came to life at last to inform one and all of a SIBERIAN THRUSH in Norfolk. A 1st winter male by the looks of it but severly devalued as somehow it had found its way into and then out of a cage at Natural Surroundings Nature Reserve, Glandford just up the road from Cley. As the Guinness flowed in the Antrobus Arms whilst watching the 'Berbel' score another winning goal a dayout to Norfolk was definately on the cards, Thrush or no Thrush (insurance tick just incase as it is in Norfolk noless).
What an absolute crippler the only one I've seen (this piccy care of Mr Banwell) was in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand in 2002 sat next to an Orange-headed Groundthrush awesome. Well Thursday morning arrived and Malc, Jason and I waited on news (negative all day) and birded our way along the North Norfolk coast in striking distance just incase. First stop the obligatory search for Golden Pheasent produced nowt but Ringed necks the roads around Wolferton Triangle very busy with traffic and noise, 3 Crossbills being the best find. Just down the road we parked up and birded the superb area of Dersingham Bog. Here we had 6 more Crossbills, a very easy and close Great Grey Shrike, Barn Owl (one of 8+ during the day) and a resident Woodlark song flighting. The 'viewable' Rough-legged Buteos did not perform whilst we were there unfortunately.
We then stopped at Hunstanton to view the incoming tide and added Fulmar, Slav Grebe, Common Scoter, 6 Red throated Diver and several RBMs. Ticwell was next after a quick sojourn via Choseley Barns to see Corn Bunting. I love this place always something to look at/for and its certainly stolen the crown from Cley as the best reserve on the coast to bird i:e its free and you don't have to walk miles out of your way. The hoped for Black Brant had done one but we did add another 25 species to the day list Cettis, Exocet and Marsh Harrier being year ticks. Enroute to Hunworth we stopped on the A149 to see the 'just come on the pager' pair of Ruddy Shelduck newly arrived from Turkey...maybe?
Counts as a yeartick on the FocalPointOptics yearlist so whap on they go. Down some very narrow country lanes (nothing of which slowed Jason down who always drives at warp speed) we arrived at the little hamlet of Hunworth and walked down to the ford to see the wintering Black-bellied Dipper thats taken up residence here.The picturesque River Glaven with the BBD hiding behind the fallen tree downstream. One of those birds you need to see just incase the splitters come sniffing around, plus its a great Norfolk tick. A return visit to Dersingham cliff and Wolferton Church added Hen Harrier, more Barn Owls, Short-eared Owl and a perched Buzzard sp that was annoyingly tofar away to get a good view of ended a nice days birding. 94 species for the day not a bad effort. Home Jase.....

UK YL - 154

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