Saturday, 18 April 2009


Another Cheshire balls up when an erroneous message appears on the pager mid afternoon proclaiming the Wizzal Red rumped Swallow was seen this morning!!! Typically it appeared (the message) an hour after I'd just driven passed Moreton so the air in Comberbach was blue for a while until the disclaimer was put out. Nipped onto Wolley's local patch and scored a few year ticks. Down at IMF a bit of stealth birding got me good views of the unable to see from the hide male Garganey. A singing Lesser Whitethroat was a bonus as it rattled from the railway embankment. Out on the marsh a Common Tern and several Greenshanks were more new birds for the year. Cheshire year ticks were Exocet and Spot Red but no sign (is there ever) of the Green-winged Teal.
Arriving just in time at Decca Pools I watched the Spoonbill fly off in the direction of Heswall. En route home a look around Frodders produced 4 Wheatear but not much else.

Another message via the pager told of 6 Mealy Redpoll by the new seat on Marbury Lane....what!!! the mystery birders been about again me thinks. All I could find was Berny the Buteo on Ashton's....

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