Sunday, 5 April 2009


BT Dave Houston is having one of those purple patches on the patch. Yesterday he finds a pair of RBMs on Neumann's then today a flyover OSPREY. I'm bracing myself for the next call (maybe he does have help from NASA). Thank heavens though I was up on Scarey Park for the second call and not in bed as on Saturday. These bloody insomniacs eh! if its not Gregs its Mr T and now BTs joined in. Having just scanned the skyline towards Lostock my phone rang '' Pod theres an Osprey flying over the north end of Neumann's...'', oh shit!! I ran yes ran back to where I'd just been and managed to get my bins on the Ozzy as it glided downwards towards Budworth Mere (ish). A scoping attempt failed and I could not relocate the boy, it must have gone down (or very low) over towards the mere....sorted whap!

On Neumann's an LRP year tick and 4 Blackwits on 'Stilt' island were all I could muster plus a very early singing Willow Warbler by the diy tip on Scarey. Added to yesterdays Blackcap and House Martin that makes 105 for the Marbury local patch yearlist.

Dawns crack over Ashtons Flash with not a Garganey in sight (yet).

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