Thursday, 2 April 2009


Don't worry folks the recession will soon be ending, yes at last I've got a job (thanks to Mum and the Warrington Guardian) soon the Antrobus household will be awash with cash enabling us to purchase vast amounts of local produce, fuel, luxury items and beer...yipeeee!!!!
Soon good old Gordan Brown will be whapping up interest rates and the house market will explode plus that bunch of layabout hippies can f 'off and break some other banks windows. The G20 mob will send Obama round with a medal and all will be well with the world.
Back to reality whilst zipping down the M40 towards Londinium (moving other peoples autos around the new job) the Red Kites beat the Buzzards 17-6 what an awesome sight, I nearly crashed trying to count them all. Surely they could spare a few for us bird starved Northerners. Nice to get paid for birding although not on the Fred scale mores the pity.

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