Sunday, 17 May 2009


A nice addition to the UK YearList was the above Red-Spotted Bluethroat seen on the Long Lodden on Holy Island this week. Dipped on the Icky in the Vicar's garden but did find a Lesser Throat, Willow Warbler, 2 singing Chiffies and 2 Pied Flys plus I got drenched as the weather was horrendous driving rain (from the East) I only managed to dryout as I passed Preston. Other delights this past week after recovering from the BirdRace were the calling Cetti's Warbler at Wigg Island (if only we'd have known on the BigDay) this place has serious potential lying between the Ship Canal and R.Mersey fly ways.

There are some bizzare stone statues enroute like this stone 'knobhead' below...
On the local patch I was up even before the Insomniac but didn't call in at Neumann's on Tuesday 12th May so missed out on finding the patch's second ever SPOONBILL (guess who found it?) A text from Malc ensured I had a painful drive up the M6 till I managed to call in as you do. Piccy below care of Malc's phone...

Scores update...



UK YL 211 (213 FP)

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