Sunday, 21 June 2009


Oscar the junior Oystercatcher seems to be doing alright so far as he hides in the vegetation on Neumann's Island but and its a BIG but will he survive to fledge. I've spoken to Paddy of Paddypower and he's opened a book on junior (cos they like novelty bets).
  • To fledge and escape being eaten - evens
  • To be eaten by a Grey Heron - 2/1
  • To be eaten by a Mink - 3/1
  • To be eaten by a Fox - 4/1
  • To be eaten by a Polecat -6/1
  • To be eaten by a GBB Gull - 10/1
  • To be struck by lightening - 100/1
  • To be bitten by an infected Newt - 500/1
all bets should be placed by mail to Will Junior Live Competition, c/o The Island, Neumann's Flash, Cheshire, UK.

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