Saturday, 20 June 2009


At last a new addition to the patch year list. Switched on my phone late Saturday morning and instantly got a text from male Greater Scaup on Neumann's Flash it was also on the pager. Downing my second coffee of the morning in record time I made haste to Nf. There it was one nearly pristine adult male Greater Scaup fishing with the resident Tufty flock.

Not upto the standard of the half birder half biscuit image gathering capabilities but you get the idea. What its doing here at this time of the year heaven knows. We usually get one or two in Spring en route to their Northern breeding grounds but this is very late or very early (Autumn).

Whilst guiding Malc the Taxi on to its whereabouts a Ringed Plover flew in to join the breeding pair of LRP's only the second this year (for me) on the patch. Also present the now regular group of LBB Gulls various ducks, swans and geese plus loads of Swifts (what price a Little ?). Still no sign for me of a Spotty Fly probably on eggs somewhere.


***MEGA*** well bugger me the Carrot Bill is fishing off Conway but its just flown high west towards Ireland god bless it....not! its back oh s**t!!!! Blocker unblocked already what.

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