Friday, 3 July 2009


The 1st July had me visiting Otmoor once again and what a warbler fest it produced. Top of the fest list was the very showy Marsh Warbler sitting atop a reed impersonating Nightingale, Blackbird, Sedge and Reed Warbler with convincing ease. Also heard/seen Gropper, Whitethroat, Chiffy, Willow, Sedge, Reed. Second best was a Turtle Dove sat in full view five yards from the perimeter path, oh for a decent camera I could have murdered them both (image gatherer speak for getting crippling shots).

Travelling back along the M40 counting Red Kites to keep me awake a distant plume of smoke turned out to be a burning car transporter, the top car exploding as I passed...awesome!

Action shot at 69mph (honest officer)

At a secret location later I located two singing Tree Pipits unfortunately just over the Cheshire border in neighbouring Staffordshire. Still a good year tick padder (cheers Nick).

UK YL 221 (FP 224)

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Jason said...

Looks like you 'murdered' the shot of the M40 disaster !