Saturday, 18 July 2009


With the weather not seeming to know if it was Summer or Autumn the wet/windy/sunny/humid/dry/showery conditions that have prevailed over the passed few days continue. This I think has bowed well for dropping in several earlyish passage waders onto the patch (usually Neumann's) and this afternoon another 2 Blackwits had appeared this time on No.1 with the still present 4 Green Sandpipers.

The best I could do in the windy conditions (oh for a DSLR!). Not much else doing and as its now raining I won't be out checking the evening gathering tonight (you never know what might come into roost with the waders and gulls).
I did have one pleasant surprise this afternoon and that was bumping into Sid Ashton from Altrincham apparently he's an avid Pod's World reader...what a top bloke and we'll hopefully be seeing more of him down at Neumann's from now on (the more eyes the better).


Phil Woollen. said...

'Oh for a DSLR' You had one you numpty!

Phil Woollen. said...

Forgot - thanks for the Quail info. Definitely 2 birds calling yesterday.

sid ashton said...

Good to meet you as well at the weekend Pete - enjoyed the chat.