Tuesday, 1 September 2009


The weekend before bank holiday and a gang of us arrive at the stunning Bridges of Ross, Co.Clare, Ireland to celebrate Mr 'Insomniac' Gregs 50th birthday plus Jono's imminent departure to Le France and do a bit of sea watching when we're sober enough.

The celebrations are well under way as the gathered throng of revellers watch Jono's British List go up in smoke.

Several of the 'A' Team get down to business with some of Ireland's finest and the UK's up and coming heroes.

Our delightful residence for the week and what a view from the kitchen window.

A garden visitor even Mr Whalsays not had yet!

How the place gets its name, this spectacular natural arch over the raging Atlantic.

The other excuse to come here, truly the finest pub in Ireland and the nearest to New York so they say. Within sight of this hostelry theres been such megas as Canada Warbler and Red-eyed Vireo....what will this year bring?

oh yes the birdies nearly forgot...over the week we had...

All 4 Skuas on two seperate days

Great Shearwater

100+ Sootys

4 Balearics

40+ Sabines Gulls

30+ Grey Phals


5+ Leach's Petrels, 50+ Stormies

Great Northern Diver

uncountable numbers of Manxies
and 2 Puffins.
Trip List 76

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