Tuesday, 1 September 2009


The good looks and cheesy grin, it can only be one person namely Ellesmere Port's top twitcher Big Al. Having just whapped on a potential/probable/maybe in a few years USA Black Tern that was associating luckily with an EEC Black Tern and a White-winged Black Tern (all juvs cos its that time of the year) Al adopts a familiar pose....sorted, time for a fag.
As the terns were miles away I took solice in photographing this local Double Crested Cormorant that had gone unticked in all the excitement another first for Oxfordshire.

En route home we nipped into West Port lake, Stoke (well not literally) and gripped the very showy and extremely tatty eclipse drake Ring-necked Duck that has taken up residence here.
UK Year List 243(ish)
Me and Gregs are off to Laos for a two week twitchathon so follow our exploits via

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