Sunday, 25 October 2009


A day out to the RSVP Gannet reserve at Bempton, Yoooorrrkshirrre with Groucho and the Wizzalmeister had us laughing at the antics of the Sunday Spotters. Having spent several hours surrounding the last viewing of the still present BLUETAIL near the bird feeding station, most of the Spotters stood around talking as loudly as possible instead of spreadingout and searching for this Eastern delight. How on earth do these dudes expect to see anything??
The Bluetail was a 100yards away up the lane and after several brief glimpses by Groucho then Wizzalmeister I finally had stonkin views as it hopped nonchalantly passed me in the roadside vegetation ..sorted! (my 3rd in Britain). Too slow once again with the new camera all I could manage image wise was a well watched local rat under the bird table at the feeding station.
Isn't it nice to know that all that hard earned donated dosh the RSVP collect off one and all, goes on supporting Yorkshire rats!!!!.......give me a gun someone please.
Just up the coast and within scoping distance from outside the reserve toilet block a 1st winter Red backed Shrike showed well to the Sunday Spotters, us included.
UK YL 254

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