Thursday, 29 October 2009


Got an early finish for once at work so made the most of it with a brisk walk from Comberbach through Marbury CP to Neumann's, No.1 and back.

I managed 46 species, nothing unusual apart from the returning Black Swans (their 3rd winter if I'm correct) plus over 500 Teal (no Green-winged yet!) and 20 Golden Plover.

Absolutely trillions of winter Thrushes pouring in from up North, many heard flying over the house late last night in the clear Autumn moonlight.

Looks like this Autumn has quietly (apart from the obvious South Shields blocker) sneaked by unseen. No Ryan Air ticks or Scilly double mortgage jobs as yet. Wonder if November which starts this Sunday has anything up its sleeve.....

Pod's Predictions till the end of 2009....

Purple Martin....over Whalsay

Long-tailed Shrike....grip back

Fox Sparrow....bloody Seaforth

American Great Egret yawn!

Yellow-browed Bunting....Northumberland

some South Coast Tesco car park long staying Yank warbler eg. CERULEAN

and maybe a misidentified Greenish Warbler in Cornwall...........bugger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you heard it hear first chaps.

Whilst undertaking the above my research uncovered a rather embarrassing place in far off Newfoundland....

Should be good for finding that difficult to come by 'bush warbler'....?...or the never to be seen muff diver of darkest Ontario.....comments welcome.....!

and totally unrelated to anything but my its funny...try must be getting old or sad or both or senile!!


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Jason said...

Purple Martin ... bloody hell better get the book out.