Sunday, 18 October 2009


My first vist to Moss Side (Old Mecca and stomping ground) since early August and an easy couple of padders were soon whapped on.......Common Sandpiper on the Manchester Ship Canal and a Dunlin in with the roosting Lapwing flock on the Mersey.
Back at home to update the list on Birder's Diary I noticed that I've missed/dipped/forgotten about some surely easy year ticks eg LRP, Ringed Plover, Whimbrel,Cuckoo!!!!, SE Owl still time, Mipit what!!!, Lesser Throat, Whinchat, Ruff, Blackwit, Greenshank, any Tern!, Yellow Wag and RL Partridge.
Just goes to show one patch is tough, doing two is a bit ridiculous but it would still have been nice to compare Moss Side Mecca with Marbury CP. If I'd of spent the same amount of time down MSM as at MCP the scores on the doors would be very similar I think. The magic 150 barrier a tough line to cross but hey theres always next year (looks like the towel has just been chucked in for MCP).
As for Marbury the usually regular birds that I've not seen/missed/or there simply hasn't been any are - Barny, Common Scoter, 2 Partridges, BN Grebe, Knot, Sanderling, L.Stint, Turnstone, YL Gull, Arctic Tern (that's a first), Barn and Little Owl, Yellowhammer.
With that lot I'd still be three short of 150 so it shows this year that started so well has turned pooh over the summer and Autumn has passed by (first returning Goldeneye this week).
Chin up Pod.

UK YL 249

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