Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Over night rain and a touch of south easterly, oh dear sounds like a wee fall of migrants might be on the cards.
9 new year ticks in one day brought the patch regulars out in force. Texts and phone calls plus RBA messages were flying back and forth to relay the days unfolding avian goodies.

I thought I'd done well seeing a Common Sand and 3 Pinkies on the mere before flippin work called. But no Groucho (obviously on a mission) found Reed, Sedge and Gropper Warblers in the early hours or Gregsy time as its now known. Mr T I think scored with 2 Dunlin and a Greenshank on Neumann' someone ? had a Swift over the mere.

More was to come as yet again (as I predicted) the mere came up trumps with 2 Common and one Arctic Tern plus a huge group of waggies that included one Yellow Wag on Kidbrook.

I scored heavily with crucial patch year padders such as Gropper and Arctic Tern (didn't get last year) and to add juice to the cocktail I relocated/spotted another LITTLE EGRET flying into No.1 for the evening...much to the delight of the chasing pack...feckers!!!

The only piccy (see above) I managed from all the available avian goodies was one of the local Green Woodpeckers that performed by Scrapyard Hide.

MARBURY 2010 YEAR LIST - 105 (TOTAL 119 thats 88.23% for me)


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