Thursday, 13 May 2010



The pack are closing in with Malc in twitch mode hot on my heals plus Vern a surprise (not!) in third plus Groucho, Doc, Mr Hill and Greg doing their best too keep up...Gregs is off swanning it in India...great for pheasants but not your patch year list.
After a mornings Cuckoo gripping on the 4th not much happened till a change in the weather at the weekend had me finding 2 stonkin summer plum RUFFS on Neumann's spit on Sunday (bloody Sunday) morning.
Later that day just before the REDS kick off I get a call from Mr (Crane finder) Barber that his brothers just found an AVOCET on Neumann's...feck! twitch on.

What then ensues is the agony and ecstasy of the beautiful game...UNITED out football a stubborn Stoke but all is to no avail as the Pie-eaters ''enjoy their dayout'' and crumble at Chelski. Those two referee/linesman decisions (UTD v Chelski) both blatant off-sides have decided the Premiership...makes your blood boil. Still at least the mickey mousers won feck all again and now have to qualify for The Europey League...nice!!! hard luck Fulham good try.

Adult Med Gull on No.1 showing well, calling madly what a super bird to have around. Apparently its getting the hots for one of the local Black-heads...

Even our Antipodean Swans were taking a fancy to El Med, what a looker eh!
More was to come in the next few days with
Blackwit whapped at last on a pre work ramble. Then a delightful 'pair' of HOBBYS over the east end of the mere late Tuesday night. Yet more though as the mystery Birder once again came to our rescue and posted news of a TURNSTONE on the patch. Malc came into his own and refound the boy hours later on the Kidbrook spit much to the delight of the rest of us...WHAP!!!
ps forgot to mention the SANDERLING found later on the 10th which I missed cos some of us have jobs to go to you jammy b*****s (good find Fred/Greg)
Scores on the doors..
MARBURY 2010 YEAR LIST - 120 - 94.5% of total 127

eyes to the skies chaps...

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