Sunday, 16 May 2010


A 1st summer BH Gull on the twig from Scrapyard Hide and below the 1st summer MED GULL I found on Neumann's earlier in the week.
With the reigning Patch Year List World Champion now back from his pheasant fest in The Himal theres a race brewing nicely on the FocalPoint Marbury Year List thread. Jamming in on a re-identified raptor blob (HOBBY) sat on the fence below the mound pre work with yours truly, Gregsy-La then later on gripped 3 GREY PLOVERS on Nf that did one on!
I managed to successfully find the new in Spotted Flycatcher on my first attempt at the 'dam' in Big Wood. On Ashton's the Ringed Plover for once stayed long enough for me to see it next to an LRP and the 2 Dunlin that have been knocking around for a couple of days.
Scores on the doors...
MARBURY 2010 YEAR LIST 122 thats 94.57% of total (129)

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