Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Fed up with waiting for the Welsh to go out and find something I decided as its seawatching season and spurred on by the epic exploits of The Wizzal Watchers in the Canaries (you jammy feckers) plus theres already been a claim of Fea's Petrel (from Wales!! no less) to go and find something myself. First thing was to find a suitable location. A look on the map for a headland west of Cardiff and hey presto Nash Point looked suitable plus its got a lighthouse...things are looking up, migrants (in July??) and seabirds.

I arrived to find the place deserted, probably due to the signage I'd passed and the state of the road. These inbreds certainly don't want us outsiders on 'their' land. Still I gave it a shot and wandered along the dramatic cliff top path ( piccy above) in search of anything of an avian persuasion. Trip tick Peregrine and Fulmar plus a healthy population of Skylarks, Linnets and Mipits. The Fulmar was the only seabird I saw in The Bristol Channel how on earth does this place get things like White/Black Bellied Storm-Petrel and Frigatebird sp.????
I left the coast and headed inland to find by shear chance, actually I think my beer radar was on a cracker of a watering hole namely The Plough and Harrow (website linked). Real ale refreshed I headed back towards Nash Point and found another boozer (honestly this was not planned) The Horseshoe .
This nice place advertised a real ale called Cwrw Haf (the a in Haf having a roof on it) of course being English I had no chance of pronouncing this truly Welsh real ale, so I settled for a pint of
Worthington Creamflow instead...nice!
Checkout myfavouritepubwalks which I discovered after completeing my Nash Point hike.

The locals definately don't want us stopping on 'their' roads, the one above is only 2m wide!!! and as for trying to park bugger me the price for all day.


ps. still no birders!

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