Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Entering my fourth week now down in sunny South Wales and I've still to meet another birder. Last week I attempted to break the drought and drove over to Newport Wetlands Centre, surely there'd be at least a few dudes hanging around...nope! not a one. There was however three cyclists, a bloody jogger and a couple pushing a brat in a pram not one was wearing bins. Shades of the local patch on a Sunday afternoon.
The plot thickens deeper cos according to my trusty pager that I've set to South Wales theres been the grand total of 8! yes 8! messages (from whom) in three and a half weeks, maybe there are no birders in Wales just passing sales reps and out of town Site Engineers.
Looks like its up to Pod to go out and find something...if that ruddy White-tailed Plover had gone west from Slimbridge instead of east Welsh Wales would be back on the ornithological radar what?
we'll see what the weather brings...

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