Friday, 30 July 2010


No 'MEGA ALERT' but this big purple blob was showing well in a ditch by Morrisons supermarket in Saltney, Chester. For once I was in the right place, a mile and a half up the road in Broughton, Chester (A55/A5104 Interchange upgrade). Sneaking out of work early the temptation to get this 'insurance tick' on the list (Focalpoint should be the easiest) was too great and I joined the massing throng on the wee footbridge over looking the well vegetated stream. If you closed your eyes you could easily believe we were in east India or even farther east, with the damp humid conditions, pouring tropical rain, dodgy locals and steaming up optics. But no this is downtown Saltney actually just into Welsh Wales and yes all the birders there were English. Pity the poor daffodil loving Cardiff choir boys having to set off now to twitch this 'Welsh' mega. Com'on BOU pull your finger out and get it whapped on, you know it makes sense.

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anno said...

is this the one that Tiny Clanger was a mate of?

Remember bashing Donana years ago for several of these - supermarket car park from all accounts - every little helps!!!