Tuesday, 3 August 2010


After the Northwest's 'second?' Purple Swamphen the areas purple patch (yawn!) continues with a LESSER YELLOWLEGS (blob on the right) in home county Cheshire (we won't mention the wader sp!!up near Scotland).
The new workings at IMF have already done the trick and produced this county mega with hopes of more to come. The Wizzal boys will be busy.
Nipping down after work I got distant views as it fed alongside a Greenshank, very handy for comparison. Thats my 3rd in Cheshire and 14th in the UK, the first way back in 1974 at Sandbach and what was probably my very first ever UK rarity come to think of it. 36 years ago and still going strong what a great passion this birding is eh. Now if Leggy would just do the decent thing and move East and grace No.1 or Neumann's that would be nice what?

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