Saturday, 11 September 2010


Well revenge was swift and painful for some. As per got a pre morning text from Insomniac1 that a Goosander was floating about on Neumann's at just passed 6.00am!!!.I ventured out once it had gotten light. No Goosander but a single wader in amongst the Lapwings on the spit drew my attention. From a distance it looked like a small juvenile Redshank but when a nearby Lapwing had a go at it there was no white in the wings...? mmm get nearer me thinks so I legged it to Bund Hide. Whap one very active juvenile Wood Sandpiper...record shot above for The List Police..nehhh! A search for yesterdays Garganey proved duckless so its check every Teal from now till Christmas...great!

other stuff seen this morning on Neumann's and Haydn's:-
3 Green Sandpiper
3 Common Snipe
8 Blackwit
1 Golden Plover
and one lone juvenile Little Grebe godbless it.

PATCH YEAR LIST now upto 133 thats 95% of total (140)

An off Patch diversion yesterday when a juvenile RED BACKED SHRIKE was showing very well at good old forgotten Frodders. Only my second ever in Cheshire, the last or first if you like way back on 03 May 1980...nice bird.


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