Monday, 20 December 2010


Big cheers to Paul H for the hot news, yes they do exist and I finally caught up with WAXWING outside LA Fitness on Sunday morning. Managed a few shots but unfortunately had the camera on close focus mode...doh! so the above a heavily photoshoped image (and no its not a painted Starling honest). Got a few funny looks from the keep-fit brigade in their tight figure hugging Lycra as I snooped around the back of the gym (honest officer I'm bird spotting)
Gripped the Waxies for the Patch List from the layby towards the Witton Brook turning just to keep everything above board.i:e no elastic boundaries
Just missed the 'flock' round at Tesco so took a few shots of the hungry Redwings instead.

The mere is a block of ice still with all the wildfowl congregated around the Kidbrook stream outflow. Still no Goosander but theres rumour of a Smew in Cheshire just to the east so fingers crossed...we are greedy buggers us local patchers but hey it is Christmas.

Scores on the doors Patch Year List - 143 thats 95.3% of total (150)

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