Saturday, 22 January 2011


The hugely underwatched potentially awesome pools complex by the River Mersey at Wigg Island Community Park. Out on the adjacent salt marsh the regular flock of Canada Geese still had the diminutive Lesser Canada Goose and its bodyguard Barnacle Goose in tow. Fully winged no rings and not coming to bread can't believe its being dismissed so lightly. Lesser Canada Goose

Could this be the Patch 'Barney'

Whilst out earning my crust and collecting ornithological data I found my 2nd
GREAT WHITE EGRET in three years, flying west over Ince Blundell (most probably the Southport bird on tour) a great start to the day finished off nicely with the usual flocks of Pinkies heading to your heart out Mr Scott.

Blow me a bird in the garden and on the bird table...note the niger seed still untouched. I'll take a piccy in a month and we'll see how far its gone down or not. Whilst the opposition up the road are getting Great Crested Grebes !!!! coming to their feeders, its gonna be a tough year ( get that wooden spoon polished)

Below a piccy showing our new water feature in the back garden this should hopefully entice last years patch Dipper to reappear, just don't tell Gregsy.

have a nice day!

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