Sunday, 16 January 2011


Don't know what these two are grinning about as the most possibly probable 1st for the UK didn't show all day, despite the usual dodgy rumours. Yes I was at Rainham Saturday with the other 1000+ hopefuls, probably the biggest twitch (and dip) in Londinium ever. Tip fest 2011!!!
The camera shy birders scoping the working tip face for a glimpse of Dom's Gull but alas it proved elusive. Looks like a meeting of the Fence Society. I did though find an adult Caspian Gull and an adult Yellow legger so all was not in vain.

The line starts here, poor chap on the right is about 2 miles from the working tip face and yes he dipped.
On a more positive note the 2011 Big Garden Year List got a boost with this Mistle Thrush showing well in the tree thats probably going to supply 50% of what we get at No.2. On a bugger me note the Yellow legged Gull that graced Neumann's Flash on Sunday afternoon (Greg on a mission) was I would guess with the flock of 40+ Herring Gulls that I counted over the garden heading South East ie Neumann's direction...rats bottom! must brush up on my gull in flight ID.


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